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Liner Notes: 

Saturday Skirmish September 9, 2019 "Unconventional"




1. Not adhering to convention or accepted standards
2. Out of the ordinary
3. Atypical


I'd don't mind talking shop
But your unconventional talk
Leaves me in a state of confusion
Not knowing what to say and I'm losin'

I don't know anything about that
I don't even listen to rap
I'm from the old school 60s
Just like San Francisco hippies
But I can dig what you're saying
Just pick up my guitar and start playing
Consider me unconventional
With my guitar playing instrumental


I don't remember how to kiss
I stuck my head in and missed
My unconventional techniques
Long since been obsolete
I just think you are very pretty
Now you're acting kind of shiddy
I can go back to my conventional life
Try another girl for a potential wife

Don't know what happen
Suddenly you're all over me
I thought we were a bust
Now you are full of lust
I give up trying to figure out women

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Well done . Great job in the time. Nice solo. Well constructed song. I really like this one.

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I feel some Smiths vibe in this, specially in the second verse. Yep, the conventional woman is pretty unconventional and will always be a mystery to men. How the lyrics reflect the different statuses of the relationship is quite interesting.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your lyrics sound great. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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That last line of the bridge... welcome to the club, dude. I like the drums and guitars a lot. That chorus seems to sum us guys up more often than it should, I think. Your melody is good, too.

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Fantastic feel and groove to this song. The chorus is really catchy. I really love the vulnerability and insights you share. Fun perspective. The bridge makes me smile! Love that shredding in your guitar solo.