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Dolls (50/90 demo)


Liner Notes: 

Dont worry guys I wont be stuck in doing love songs haha. Here is my take on Cindys Gorgeous dark lyrics.


Lyrics: Cindy Prince

Cracked porcelain faces
With eyes that are faded blue
Painted on smiles
Still they look at you

Some eyes are missing
Some hair is is no longer there
Tattered or torn dresses
Still they like to stare

Can you hear them whisper
Did one turn their head
Can you understand
That they want you dead?
Dolls, dolls, dolls
The dolls want you dead

Dolls voices singing and laughing

Some have broken limbs
Some say Mama or cry (I changed it with Cindys permission to Some say Mom dont cry for effects)
They have only one wish
That is to see you die

Repeat chorus

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This really is the stuff nightmares are made of! So eerie and creepy! Just the stuff you are so good at. I love it despite that it scares me!

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I love how you dive into the creepy, not only in the music itself but the whole imagery of this video and all the effects and voices here and there. Lovely nightmare

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Perfectly creepy and deliciously dark lyrics and delivery. Glad I am listening to this in the daylight and still was creeped out to see those dang doll heads. Shivers!

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love all the moaning and creepy doll sounds good description of the broken dolls and missing parts. .

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Great lyric, absolutely maddie sweet spot delivery! Ooo those creepy dolls. Nice.

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I love creepy doll stories and songs. This one is delicious. The music compliments the lyrics very well.