Hotel Bombshell

Hotel Bombshell

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Liner Notes: 

Wrote this in 15, but it isn't not smooth at all. Maybe I will fix it down the road.


Hotel Bombshell
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You walked into the hotel
In a sundress and a smile
Here I was with thick glasses
And so hopelessly out of style

You came to the front desk
Asked me for your key
I fumbled giving it to you
I do everything clumsily

I couldn't help but ask you
How long you were going to stay
When you told me a day or two
I knew I'd have to find a way
For you to stay longer at the hotel
Because you were my hotel bombshell...bombshell

Although I acted like a goof
You ended up staying a week
I got so hopelessly exited
I kissed you on the cheek

The next thing I knew
Our relationship got deeper
I told her she was a bombshell
She asked if I wanted to keep her

Repeat chorus

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kahlo2013's picture

Great story! I especially love the descriptions in the first verse and the desire in the chorus! Fantastic take on the skirmish!

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"Hotel Bombshell" has a great rhythm and rhyme to it. Fancy!
You described these two people so well, I can see them perfectly.
Good story too. Glad he got the courage to do something about things!

tcelliott's picture

I love that title and the story is sweet. The nerdy glasses wearing person gets the gal. I like happy endings.

phoenixash's picture

Cool story you are telling here and how even with a low self esteem we can sometimes be surprised by the world.

benjo's picture

Hey cindy

that first verse is seller,
a clear picture painted, a budding romance
great story telling
another clever write from you