This Old Hotel (Heals All Wounds)

This Old Hotel (Heals All Wounds)

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Liner Notes: 

Man, I am super slow at skirmishing lately. Can we change it to 1.5 hours? That seems to be my average these days. Smile

Bonus words: Bed, key, room


I’ve got a fever and the cure is you
I’ve got a heartache and I’m feeling blue
I’m at the hotel at the edge of town
Here’s my room key
Won’t you come?
Won’t you come around?

One night of passion is no antidote
And we’ll get judgy looks from lots of folks
But I don’t care if I’m going to hell
Need you in my bed
Please come make
Please come make me well
Make me well

I need your touch
I need your remedy
You need my kiss
You need my therapy

We’ve got ourselves
Quite the emergency
This old hotel
Heals all wounds
And sets us free
Sets us free
Sets us free

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1,5 hours sounds a good timing to me, expecially when there are lyrics to create, music to compose, to record, to sing, to play, to upload. Beautiful song, sad and poignant.

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OMG! I LOVE these lyrics! So relatable in the desire and craving that connection! I love how the chorus addresses the needs of both people. There is a sense of urgency in the chorus that feels palpable. Great take on skirmish!

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This is great! That flavor of lust and full of spice. Great take!

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I like how you go from yearning in the first verse to realization in the second (combined with that same yearning.) The chorus takes on a more immediate feeling after that second verse. "They're gonna talk, but we need this right now."

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Hotels feel like haunted places, very impersonal and transitory. What a great place to live this haunted romance. I find it despairing how real, visceral and deep this longing lyrics are. Nice playing melody and performance make this bittersweet and that ending - out of nowhere and without that "ending" feel - adds another level of depth to the strong imagery. Congratulations, it made me feel very lonesome. (which I love)