Like a Woman Feels

Like a Woman Feels

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Liner Notes: 

Benjo dropped me a note on one of my songs inviting me to check out his lyrics and wow! what a treat. So many great lyrics so little time!

This one caught my eye because of what is going on in South Africa at the moment. We have had a week of violent protests against gender-based violence after a string of rapes and murders. This photo is from a short video I took at work on Friday. Loads of people wore black and had a minutes silence at 12:00 noon in silent protest against the violence happening in our beautiful country. So these lyrics were very timely. I was a little concerned about whether it was an appropriate lyric for a woman to sing but Tony agreed that I should give it a try. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

The song was quite long, Tony, so I had to cut one verse.


Tony McGlinchey

how many stones does her love weigh
how many boulders has she had to break
how does she carry all
the weight and the pain
the slave to love has a quarried face

how many roads has she explored
torrential rains has she endured
too many floods her eyes have poured
she goes hungry so you have yours

all this from the will of a woman
she's cast from the iron and the steel
rose up from the wicked and stubborn
coz, nobody loves, like a woman feels
nobody loves, like a woman feels

she shakes the coldest nights like a blanket
fakes the passion, though she can't stand it
even holds you when it's her who's hurting
she makes the cogs and wheels keep turning

too many years has her heart bled
the love she craves just lies there dead
twists and turns every word she said
her back is broken so the world is fed

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I fell in love with Tony's lyrics and hoped someone would pick it up. I am so happy you did! I think you singing it is perfect! Bravo to you both!

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Very strong singing over a very beautiful, almost pleading melody framing a very deep set of lyrics, the nobody knows how a woman feels is particularly dramatic and intense, very powerful message with an equally powerful delivery.

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This is a really beautiful collaboration. The lyrics are powerful and insightful. Drive of the music with the flowing melody is absolutely gorgeous with your vocals and emotion.

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Very good collab! Benjos lyrics were very good. To my ear a bit different to what i have heard Joanne do before! But very good!