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Liner Notes: 

Death. Gore. Classy. Elegance. That's how me and @Acousticmaddie roll. We've been admirers of each others' work for quite sometime, and we found it fun and creative to mash our respective genres/themes and styles. This go round I'm not killing off her character; it's the other way around. There's sooo much more I'd like to do with this, but since time is short and I've got more collabs to work on, we'll leave like it is for now. Maddie provides the vocals + depth, I took care of the rest.


2 swords
2 words
1 strike
1 death
first thought, 1 wish
2 beats, last breath

Black Widow

Push to pull
No tears, no rage
No fingers, no will to turn the page
All of me and none of you
Your demise is what I crave

Red light, red hour glass
Read signal, red wine
Read foolishly - now you die!
My endgame is by design

Black Widow

Fist trough your chest
(Your) Heart in my hand
Time over matter
(You're) dead where you stand

Black Widow

Calm before storms is not the norm
Heaviness imminent, my presence is seen
I am inevitable, an extraordinary machine...of death

Black Widow

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Whoa! What an awesome and effective production! Love the groove of the music and the layering of great vocals on top. That opening is chilling and seductive hooking the listener into this wonderful web you weave of the black widow. Deliciously dangerous feel. Love it!

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brilliant production to showcase maddies story and maddies work in the hip hop format is formidible. this track is one of a kind, a rare commbination of talents that could never be duplicated by others.

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Intense, creepy, scary, danceable. Very good. I love the whispery bits they elevate the scare factor by a thousand, love the beats and instrumental backing. It would be a pleasure to die to this.

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So powerful in many ways! Very entertaining! I totally enjoyed this. The nonchalant vocal delivery is perfect for this. Cool things happening with the music, effects and catchy rhythm of it all. Concise writing in the lyric tells us just what we need, no more no less. Great collab!

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Great groove! Congrats to both of you, intense delivery on the vocal.

Ultra-vibey backing. I love all the details, the layers of sound, the tiny echoes, the small sounds that add so much.