Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers

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Liner Notes: 

Thankful for what was.


Yellow flowers
Lyrics by Kc Chad © 2019

I smiled today thinking of you
I know it ended badly, but times were good

Things aren’t always as they seem
God puts flowers in my path in certain seasons,
For specific reasons
He teaches me to embrace the whole
Smelling yellow flowers along the path

We had to go our separate ways
Different paths accordingly planned

Lingering longer that what was to be
Time ran dry in the autumn breeze
unusually cruel
The frosty weblike covering
Breaking yellow flowers along the path

I’m not aching for the well-worn scape
sunrise prompts my soul ahead

I’ll feel blessed for the moments we shared
I’ll passover what contaminates that
As I thank Him for all that was
He turns my eyes in compassion for
fading yellow flowers along the path

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There have been many blessings like that: people in your life for a season, but then they leave for whatever the reason was. Painful, yes, but hindsight being what it is, I can appreciate every one of those relationships and glean good things from them. This is a beautiful write about a very painful thing!

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Oh yes stunning write

a real flavour to this, it's so fresh
and takes a great direction
breaking yellow flowers along the path
now that is a fantastic line
great imagery here
Loved it

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Oh how wonderfully perfect! Extraordinary in every single word

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Beautiful, full of closure and acceptance. Quite hopeful. I like it.