Am I Afraid?

Am I Afraid?

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Liner Notes: 

This is a rough demo and I’m still in the process of mixing it so the recording quality is kinda shit


Am I afraid that I’ll never be happy?
Or am I afraid that I like being sad?
Don’t I know better than to only stick with what’s familiar? I guess I don’t know better after all.
Am I afraid to face the ugly truth?
That I don’t live any better than I did
Back when I was only 19
When I was just a kid

Dear god has it been four years already?
Where has the time gone?

Am I afraid the world will never see me for what I truly am?
Am I afraid they’ll never understand that I’m not a cisgender man
They’ll say I’m fucked up in the head.

It’s been a long road just to get here
Where did the time go?
Where did the time go?
Where did the time go?

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Great pop tune, my friend. I hear all the potential of what it will be once you're done with your mix. Your delivery is heartfelt and confident even if the narrative suggest that you may not totally be. I enjoyed the listen very much. Being who you are is tough especially when you want everyone to simply accept that.