By Hook Or By Crook (4-track challenge tape 4)

By Hook Or By Crook (4-track challenge tape 4)

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Liner Notes: 

There is a cheat, whereby I used up track four for my guitar track, and so I had to record a vocal separately, which I did via GarageBand, when I learnt how to transfer the four track recording to my iPhone!

1. pfoo - drums
2. standup - bass
3. elesimo - electric guitar
4. marvsmooth - electric guitar

Then myself (marvsmooth) on vocal using the iPhone...

I’ve now placed a better mix up, but am still questioning it.

I have a problem with my laptop where it just suddenly switches off, and in the process, when I reboot, and then fire up the Audacity software (I should have used Reaper to be honest - lesson learnt), it tends to have messed with the sound files, which niggles at me, as on the original rough version I made it had everything in place, and with this I had to chop up the files to line them up as best that I could, which is incredibly time consuming...

In the future I will transfer two tracks at a time, one to the left and one to the right, which would make the process quicker. I couldn’t do that with the bass and drums on here though, as they were recorded at the same time, and you can hear them on each track. That’s why the reverb I added to Patti’s drums also has a bit of the bass bled in there.


By those dark skies
Dry away those tears
There’s no need for goodbyes

Open your eyes
Take it in your stride
Set aside your worries
It is your time

There’s always a way through
By hook or by crook you can make it
Always more pathways
By hook or by crook you can take it

Keep moving on
Prove naysayers wrong
If you need some help
Then I will tag along


Music by Patti Fetz, Erick Agner, Beto De Almeida, and Martin Quibell
Lyrics by Martin Quibell

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the verses sound perfect. i think you could use some more guitar on the chorus, as the energy falls where an increase is expected

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Oooh I like this! Fab lyrics and my favorite are the verses, but I really like the whole thing a lot!

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Yeah! Old school classic rock vibe. Kinda grungy and cool. I like the positive, you can do it lyrics. Very inspirational. I love these 4 tracks collabs. They are so cool.

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Looking at the lyrics...v1 dry away those tears and goodbyes. V2 set aside your worries. Chorus By hook or by crook...nice hook. v3 if you need some help I'll tag along. Nice job on this. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. bass...guitar and drums...vocals now...another your eyes...take it in your stride...can cleary understand the lyrics...if you need some help then I will tag the right guitar...nice riff on the other guitar...bass solid all the way through...vocals good...melody good...I think I like that right guitar the best with teh steady drive. That said, everything sounds good. Nice job on this.

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That is a great jam. @marvsmooth Those are some solid vocals. The bass is massive and drums right in the pocket. The dirty guitars are classic.

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Love that droney guitar!! Great vibe all around. I like the vocals a lot and the overall song matches the tape feel - very classic. I like the fact that the verses have the pulse and drive. Having a more minimal chorus makes that repeating guitar riff even more powerful. Great work band!!!

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This is really good, I love it! Like I said on Facebook, I would love to be able to tour and play this song with you all! Smile

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I like the insistent drone and the instruments/vox playing in unison -- and the motivating spin the lyrics put on the music. And that overall tape warmth and the panning weirdness, whether intended or not. You all make me want to get back my four-track machine for sure!