I Like Your Eyes

I Like Your Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

I'm hearing this as classic country, but someone else might hear something else. Love to have someone do this.


I Like Your Eyes
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I like your eyes
You like my smile
What'd you say
We connect awhile

I like your lips
You like my hair
Ain't no reason
To go anywhere

No hurry
Don't worry
Baby, it's about you and me
No rush
For us
Cause honey it's meant to be

I like your hands
You like my build
When I hold you babe
I am fulfilled

You like my style
I like your beard
No clouds for us
The skies are clear

Repeat chorus

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classic country for sure. i can hear george and tammy singing it in the great beyond.

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Very simple but effective. Grabs that emotional part where we're all looking for that happy ending. Hope you get some music. Nice.

benjo's picture

Yeah simple just like that

this just flows like a river cindy
some lovely ways wirh your words
you had me hooked roght away

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I would have clicked this anyway but the title definitely pulled me in. Before I look at the lyrics I learned a long time ago not to tell a new woman I like your eyes...lol

Looking at that lyrics...very nice opening two verses. Great chorus...love that too. Nice closing two verses. consistent with rhymes and logic...this is how you do it Cindy and nobody does it better than you. Good one.