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Liner Notes: 

I like this word, certiified. When I started writing around it all I could come up with was politics.

There's a synth part underlying everthing, then fuzz bass, fuzz/trelmolo guitar (weird antichthon pedal), vocals.


I'm a certified liar, I have no fear

I'll tell you anything you want to hear

certified conman and you're the mark

I promise you things 
you want in your heart.


Whatever you want to believe

is what you see in me

the drug I'm selling gets you high

gives you power when you believe the lie

Certified charlatan I give you hope

then it disappears in a puff of smoke

I can make you hate yourself    

and you will also hate everyone else

I'm a certified lout make you turn on your daughter

you'll regret everything you got her

certified traitor to the cause

I got every noncompete clause


I'm certified -- everything's free

certified -- it's all on me

I'm certified -- the whole year throug
certified -- you know what to do

I'm certified -- I'll drag you down

certified -- I'm just a clown

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This is certified good. The bass is a force of nature here, the guitar is superb and mysterious and the lyrics is provocative, very nice write!

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Oh yes you picked thd right word
and played with it well
love this, great beat musically fantastic
nice on the vocals

hope you do collabs

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your voice sounds really good inside all that bass heavy arrangement. great job in creating a despicable character and giving a physical feel to his personality through the music

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Yay, you're back! Very cool sound world here, big and round, dark but alluring, like the character. I can feel the instruments sweeping across the space at times. Vocals sound great, agree with Bill about how they sit in the arrangement, and I like the suspensions in the harmonies as well.

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This is a real dark number underpinned by that throbbing base. You create a real shadowy atmosphere and the lyrics complement that. You pull it off with a good vocal. I feel the passion and the darkness. Nice.

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Very nice production, Perfectly balanced. Lovely dept in your voice.

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Great soundscape that you create. The bass ties everything together.