All Figured Out

All Figured Out

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Liner Notes: 

This is pretty terrible but I really do want to finish so I just had to do something finally. Sorry!


“Nothing is worse than people who think they got it all figured out
Might wanna write that one down”
That’s what you said as you walked out the door

I pouring bourbon into the glass I drank gin from last night
I don’t kid myself I’m right
I don’t know what you thought I’d figured it out for

I’m a 500-piece puzzle without edges so I don’t know where to start
I’m an old, cold gun muzzle
Warm me up, take me out, make me worth a damn again

A thousand days and what’ve I done, I’ve got nothing to show
Just a cold plate of crow
That I’ll eat if you’ll come back around

Swinging on dead neon signs loop de loop like a memory
I’m buried down in the summary
I’m all fury and no sound


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" I’m a 500-piece puzzle without edges so I don’t know where to start " Stop! That is ME HAHAHAH I can't see where this is horrible... sorry, couldn't find it1 Love the lyrics and the confusion they represent. People who "have it all figured out" are usually the ones that don't have a clue. Great work here, you have a beautiful strong and powerful voice!

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Hey becky WOW

loved reading your lyric before my listen
man you really hit this out of the park
500 hundred piece puzzle gives off great imagery
and then the vocal is stunning, very strong
story very well told
and the melody lovely laid back


hope you do collabs

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this song is one big burst of truth in the heat of self examination

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That such a good image painted of the complexity of humans. Great performed, lovely vibe

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Good character-in-a-breakup sketch. Captured that uncertain state of mind. I really like the complex puzzle without edge pieces metaphor.