Sometimes the Caterpillar Wins

Sometimes the Caterpillar Wins

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Liner Notes: 

I was watching a massive caterpillar eat the leaves of my papaya tree, and I told my wife I was just going to let it be. She said, "Sometimes the caterpillar wins." And off I went with a song.


Sometimes you plant a beautiful fruit tree
And it produces so bountifully
But sometimes before you harvest what you’ve grown
Caterpillar reaps what you have sown

Look at life through every lens
Sometimes the caterpillar wins

Sometimes you grow fruit upon the vine
Some is yours and some is mine
Squash pumpkin melon honeydew
Caterpillar likes it as much as you

Nature gives you foes and friends
Sometimes the caterpillar wins

Some summers your garden could
Feed an entire neighborhood
Some summers the crops do fail
When the caterpillar does prevail

Come spring a new season begins
Sometimes the caterpillar wins

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listening with my three year old daughter who is obsessed with caterpollars. we both love it. i like the way the story starts off personal and then opens up

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Looking at the liner wife is wise and I suspect she threw that out there to inspire your writing. Smile

Looking at the lyrics...Sometimes the caterpillar wins is a great hook. lol...caterpillars like it as much as you do...nice. Ok, pretty good Chip. I have no idea what use a caterpillar is in the food chain but I suppose to live too. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar intro...banjo now...sounds good...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice groove...caterpillar eats what you have...sometimes....the caterpillar wins...banjo add a lot to this...caterpillar likes it as much as you...nice riff here...heard it on guitar and banjo...some summers crops do fail...when the caterpillar does prevail...banjo riff now....sounds good...come spring a new season begins...sometimes...oh sometimes...whoa sometimes teh caterpillar wins...and out. Nice song Chip.

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What a delightful song! Makes me think of my Granddaughter who would call them capertillars. Great philosophy too. Love it!

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Wow, amazing how the song came about! Very happy, uplifting and delightful song Chip. Loving your singing and playing. I like the lightness of the atmosphere. Your song will appeal to any ages! Wonderful work!

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I like the bluesy jaunt on this. That banjo is super cool. "Sometimes the caterpillar wins." That is so true. And sometimes we're the caterpillar, sometimes we're the papaya. Nature knows how to teach a good lesson for sure.

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You know, I've been watching the blackberry canes in my yard develop nice juicy berries all summer.
The other day I saw a crow land by them and eat all the berries I was looking forward to eating myself.
But I didn't intervene; crows need a tasty snack sometimes, too.
Great happy banjo work here.
Really nice lyrics.
Honestly, though, I think we all "win"; the more caterpillars, the better for the environment.

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This is a delight! I like the message about nature and the laid-back attitude in the song and vocal delivery. Cool near rhymes in those lines. The banjo sounds great and has a catchy melody going on.