Stained Glass

Stained Glass

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Liner Notes: 

Saw a photo of stained glass and this idea formed. Needs music and vocals.


Stained Glass
© 2019 Cindy Prince

She always liked the colors
In the sanctuary windows
She loved the light shining through

She always felt safe there
No matter what the problem
She never dreamed what he could do

She was in love so early
Thought he was perfect
But she hadn't know about his drinking

She was scared and afraid
When he yelled and hit her
God the pain that he was bringing

It went on and on
Then she was gone

That last night he was so violent
Slapped her over and over again
Told her she had no value
Then came the final stain
He punched her and she fell back
Broke the picture window of glass
Now it's stained glass, stained glass

She was dead upon impact
He was taken by the police
She couldn't find sanctuary here

She now lies in the churchyard
Quite near the stained glass
May she find sanctuary over there

Repeat chorus

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I love stained glass but this brought very vibidly that the glass is stsined with her blood. I canhear something ver violent and dramatic with this

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hey cindy

this one is so dramatic
you use the violence here well
it doesm't make me cringe at the thought
be careful with this line cindy
in England the word spunk means something very different,

Told her he'd rid her of her ( spunk )

another great write