Lost Song

Lost Song

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Liner Notes: 

A big thank you to Nadia for adding such amazing music to my lyrics! This was a lost song of its own until you completed it Smile Thank you all so much for listening!


'Lost Song'
©2019 Dawn Nguyen (lyrics and vocals) and Nadia Cripps (music)

I had a great song at the edge of my mind
But you wouldn’t let me write it in time
The melody was perfect and flowing and pretty
And the lyrics were well timed, and also quite witty

I know the theme and some of the words
But what can you do with half of a verse
So please don’t talk to me when I’m composing
Don’t butt in or ask or do any more nosing.

People would love it, it’s everyone’s song
It would top all the charts, but instead it is gone
So why didn’t you let me hum it one time,
Now the music is gone and the rhymes just don’t rhyme


It’s more precious each time I think about it
But when I try to sing it, I just have to quit
I can’t recapture what is now gone
My perfect, and precious forever lost song.


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Sweet collab. Nadia sounds great on these well crafted words. Oh the agony of composing! Well portrayed here.

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What a collab! It's like you two were in the same room. Incredible lyrics, soaring vocal, melodic piano. I like the dramatic ebb and flow a whole lot - this would be a great performance piece.

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Love this collab! Relatable to all of us songwriters too!

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nice handling of the lyrical concept. we all ose a long of songs because of people butting in. just aske sam coleridge. Nadia sure gives it a classy setting with her always elegant poano