Nothing Like Yesterday

Nothing Like Yesterday

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Liner Notes: 

cts...Reflecting on a few things. And these words are not about racial biases. It's much bigger than that. glance at this lyric, and the blues were knocking at my door. i just had to answer the call.


My eyes done seen
My ears done heard
My mind's done wonderin'
I don't have no words
4 all that is here today, today
Still ain't nothing like yesterday

Your laws have changed
Your ways have 2
Everyone needs 2 count 4 something
Yet your heart's not new
4 all that is done today, today
Still it don't erase what was yesterday

What is yesterday
Is it still saying no today
2 where I can walk where I please
2 be where I am with ease
2 live in a country tis of thee
Without all the violence against me

My eyes done seen
My ears done heard
My mind's done wonderin'
I don't have no words
4 all that is here today, today
Still ain't nothing like yesterday

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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and answer it he did - love the wah! and echo. hard to go wrong with blues - well it is with good lyrics and somone who can play and sing them! nice one guys

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OK, another gud'n.

-- Made me remember my "Vibro Champ" 5w Fender amp, with 8in speaker, my first amplifier ever. Also made me think of a fellow in Key West who used tremolo in allot of his work. (Can't recall his name presently, but was a local well known).

So, derUgo! Smile

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Awesome Blues with a bit of a growl! Really cool! Don’t know what story you are trying to tell, but lyrics are universal enough that it tells my story, too.

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I love me a good blues song and this fits the bill ( sorry for the pun). Some growl adds to it I think. Nice!

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Doggone it, now I feel like I'll eventually have to do a blues song. I never have--I'm not sure I have a "soulful" bone in my body. You've set the bar high on this one, Bill. Great job, and great job on the lyrics cts/Jelly Factory!

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Fantastic collab of two of my favourite musicians. Great lyrics that are really important. And Bill this performance is F**king AAAAwesome

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I stand in awe of this achievement, straight up! You captured a certain feel that I had in mind and it works in spades! Thank you so much for bringing this piece to life! Much appreciated!

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Lyrics have a great flow and the music, melody and vocal style highlight the bluesy cool vibe.

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@cts's lyrics are indeed written in a way that screams blues; the wording and imagery are there, but they also are rich with pain and suffering on many minds, I feel.
The blues treatment here by Bill, spot on.
My all-time favorite is John Lee Hooker, and even though the styles are different, I think I appreciate acoustic blues a lot more thanks to him. This checks the boxes for me.
Nice team up, indeed.