She Wouldn't Have a Phone

She Wouldn't Have a Phone

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Liner Notes: 

After listening to Maddie and Bill's Cobalt Town made me think about my best friend from school's Granny. She had lost her husband in a coal mine accident, and since she was notified by phone, she would never own one again. She had 6 children when he died, with the youngest being 5 months old. So, I decided to write about her.


She Wouldn't Have a Phone
© 2019 Cindy Prince

West Virginia coal mine
Her husband underground
Busy with all the kids
When she heard the sound


She picked it up quickly
Then fell to the floor
Her world had collapsed
Life wasn't good anymore


She wouldn't own a phone
She remembered those words
She knew she'd be alone
Even though the years made it blurred
She wouldn't own a phone

She was a widow with six kids
She never married again


She moved to Missouri
Worked hard to keep them fed
Never forgetting her man
As she lay alone in her bed

Repeat chorus


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Interesting story! Conveyed well through your lyrics. You really have me intrigued.

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Very well written. Really emotional and heartbreaking. Akso glad we could inspire you to this write. It is abolutely fablous Cindy even though the story itself is so tragic.

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Interesting premise to explore the association of the communication means with the tragic event. I wonder if she stopped using coal?