The One I Burn For

The One I Burn For

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Liner Notes: 

A quick write up on the commute home tonight

Just a smidge lusty - blame it on a book I'm reading at the moment

It's slow, sultry, long notes with fire at the end

this is one of those times where i've broken all the songwriting rules, free-styled it, no chorus, not too much thinking and just went with it


The One I Burn For
(c) Christine M Kerr

She is
The one I burn for
No one but her

You can draw
Pictures on my arm
But I don't
See you

The one I burn for
Only her

Smile coyly
All you want
But I don't
See you

Ohhhh - I feel everything she does to me
Ohhhh - I feel her - consuming me

The one I burn for
Even when
I'm all alone

You can buy me
Another martini
You can try
to tempt me all you want

But I
See you

You're wasting your time, wasting your time, wasting your time, wasting your time
With this game

Cos I
Only burn
For her

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Yeah. Good stuff. No chorus needed. The hook gets repeated enough to make it all tie together.

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"The one I BURN for" Such an interesting word choice as it is so much more intense. No need for chorus, rules, rhymes. Music is feeling and you capture it with such ease and power! Very good write.

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I like how this one circles back, reinforcing the theme. Strong work!