Like a ghost

Like a ghost

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Liner Notes: 


So this one took some time to finish. But I enjoyed the making for the most part. Deanna Sweidel and I were linked at the random collab. Long story short, she sent me these great lyrics and I tried to write fitting music to it. Lots of trial and error followed, but all needed to get to this song. I added the guitar solo just this weekend, and had a great time recording that.

I had my own vocals in the song when suddenly Klaus came to mind: couldn't he sing this much better than me? Well, I asked him and he kindly did. The anti-Klaus voice wasn't in his key, but I'm actually glad he used his normal vocals. Oh, since Klaus wasn't able to do the bridge twice, I backed him up a bit.



Thanks, Ferry, for this lovely collaboration. This was the easiest and smoothest collab ever. All I did was sing and you made it sound really good. I also thank Deanna for these haunting and touching lyrics. They are very singable too. So thanks, guys! Nice working with you. Smile




Like A Ghost
Lyrics by Deanna Sweidel, music by Ferry Coljé. Vocals by Klaus

I roam this life
Unseen. Unheard
Like a ghost
In the world

I haunt this life
Unfelt. Unknown.
Like a ghost
All alone.

(C) Just a mist of the past
Faint thought of almost
A spirit who’s trapped
In my life like a ghost

I roam this life
Unseen. Unheard
Like a ghost
In your world

I haunt your heart
Unfelt. Unknown.
Like a ghost
All alone.

Just a mist of the past
Faint thought of almost
A spirit who’s trapped
In your life like a ghost

Transparent am I
In your eyes undetected
Like a vision, a ghost
A memory’s projection

I’m just a mist of the past
Faint thought of almost
A spirit who’s trapped
In your life like a ghost

I roam this life
Unseen. Unheard
Like a ghost
In your world

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I love anything to do with ghosts and the three of you involved? I knew it had to be more than just good! Mesmerizing!

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This is absolutely an amazing collaboration! I love the vocals, the effects, synth and guitar playing that perfectly support the lyric.

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Wonderfully nuanced music that fits the lyrics well. Has a hauntingly melancholy longing feel. I love the bass in this and the vocals are awesome. Kudos on a great collaboration.

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This is fabulous! Dark and atmospheric music. I love all the space in the lyrics. It creates a ghosty feeling. Instrumentation is spot on. Everything is good!

Cicpisces's picture

Very atmospheric creation. Effective and direct lyrics. Full of emotion. Love the changes throughout. Good work.

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I know that I could never come up with the sound that you produce, and man - this is one awesome recording. The writing is tight. The theme is engaging and the whole tune is just cool to listen to in the headphones.

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The whole song floats along almost like a ghost of itself, haunting in an uplifting way. I really love the first couplet of the chorus--a mist of the past/faint thought of almost. Great work all around

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Oh my gosh, Ferry and Klaus and Deanna all together?!?
My mind is exploding with all this musical goodness!!
The changeup in the chorus is unexpected but so good.
Wonderful production as usual, Ferry.
I love your swoopy guitar work here.
Excellent excellent work here, folks!

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Super collab. All pieces fit very well together and who can resist a good ghost story.

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Lovely swirling guitars that go well with the "haunting" lyrics. Klaus, terrific vocals: they mesh with the music so smoothly, like another instrument. Great bass playing underpins the whole thing. Very cool guitar solo at the 3:40 mark - love that thick tone. Very nice! Reminds me of Cocteau Twins and other darkly atmospheric bands.

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This is incredible!!! One of the best productions here, love the lyrics and the change in the chorus section! Awesome

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First, I recognize the talent on this project and it's exciting to me without even knowing anything.

Nice liner notes and very interesting.

Looking at the lyrics...The first verse simulates the invisible person. Chorus sums up verse one and becomes the main point "like a ghost". I haunt your heart jumps out at me. Starting to feel like somebody trapped in a failing marriage. Ok, I think this a morph with a ghost and I love ghost stories so it works for me. Nice job on this Deanna. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Haunting music...not sure what instruments...I hear drums...ok vocals now...sounds good...vocals need to be more center....kind of hard to a ghost...I roam this land...nice background music...I heard the bass...keys your the drums...and a ghost trapped in your life...I roam this land...good melody...ok, it's over, nice job on this. Ok, you need a remix and get the vocals in the center. You can't understand it clearly. Trust me I'm trying to help not criticize. The project is great, good lyrics, good vocals, good music, it just simply needs a remix. Great job by all.

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this has the chamber rock sound of the zombies odyssey and oracle, one of my favorite albums. klaus has that colin blunstone kind of voice and ferrys melodies and arrangements are very zombie like.

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This is a first-rate dose of sixties psychedelia. That wall-of-sound mix, with the scratchy guitars sliding in between the strings, really sets the stage for Klaus's wonderful delivery of Deanna's lyrics, but it lets the vocals shine rather than getting the way. Nice to hear a cool guitar solo (or trio, if not more!) as well Smile

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Sincerely love this track.
The atmosphere is ridiculous. When I want a specific sound in my slower atmospheric rock, THIS is the sound I'm wanting but could never really describe.
It reminds me of so many things yet I cannot recall any of them...artists and sounds and vibes and moments and memories just outside of reach, like a ghost.
I think everyone here has used all the descriptors for this.
Deanna's lyrics are perfect. I prefer songs with fewer words and even though there are multiple sections of lines, its not too busy or wordy. Impact is made that way in my opinion and it lends itself to this subject matter and imagery.
Klaus's singing here is expertly done - the absolute perfect melody choices throughout for each line. Just...perfect.
And then of course the music Ferry put together. Such atmosphere, such a bed for all of these things. Again...perfection.
I'm not just throwing around the word "perfect" to be "nice" here on this encouraging site. I mean it when I say it.