Barren Oasis

Barren Oasis

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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: The second desert song I've been involved with this summer. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I have no idea what that might be, so if you've an idea, let me know.
Trying to get better at the production end of things. I don't think this is half bad actually. Not sure if it's half good either... Biggrin
Deanna writes awesome lyrics. Check out her stuff and make an awesome song with her!


Desert stars shine bright
In the dark of night
Peaceful and calm skies
Sparkle like your eyes

Desert sand so slight
Swirling in the light
Dry and humid breeze
Blowing with unease

Is this an illusion
Or just a dream, just a dream
This barren oasis
May not be what it seems

Desert rain so rare
In the dust so bare
Chaos and dark skies
Resonate your lies

Our life, a collage
Of a painful mirage
Lost in this desert
Of heartache and of hurt

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Nice work. Melody carries these poetic lyrics along. Makes a great rocky number. Interesting panning on the vocal.

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Sounds lovely - wonderful lyrics delivered so wonderfully by the powerful emotive vocals. Love how the melody soars. Maybe it’s time we have a FAWMstock in a desert setting?

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I would say entirely good. Performance, both vocal and instrumental are very good. The production is top notch, I'm listening with headphones so I enjoy the play between them. Great lyrics transformed in a great melody.