Dry Chives

Dry Chives

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Liner Notes: 

Done in a self-imposed half-hour period on a topic given to me by a friend.

So here's a gross smoothie song!


When the summer’s hot
And the land is dry
And the only respite you seek
Is a cold sugar treat

Fret not
I’ve got you covered
But in a vegan way

I blended up this smoothie
For you to feel so groovy
And keep my secret truthly

I added
Dry chives
They give it a little kick
I added
Dry chives
I know you’ll think I’m sick
So I won’t ever let you know
What’s hiding with the straws below
I added
Dry chives

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Ha! Fun and quirky hook about what sounds like a disgusting drink delivered with a great chill melody. Love the interplay of the vocals with the keys on top of a wonderful rhythmic bottom layer. Love these quick impromptu kinds of songs.

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Huahaauahauah SO FUNNY can't imagine having chives with something sugary kkkk Very cool voice and great performance all around, the track itself is super groovy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the instrumental break. I only have on negative thing to say: It wasn't enough! It could have been double the song as the break suggests that there's more to come. A good one to expand.