Prepare For Rain

Prepare For Rain

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Now this is what is almost what I'm talking about. Just an off mix.


In a good time it's easy to feel good
To make changes you never thought you could
In a good time your brain can rest
To work out all the thoughts that stress

I'm gonna make it good this time, it's gonna be fine, gonna be fine
I'm gonna fix it good this time, it's gonna be fine, gonna be fine

and than the rain comes, it's pouring down
You're feeling weaker, you're on the ground

In a bad time it's easy to feel bad
To fall in the pits and dwell in the sad
In a bad time the brain wants misery
The logical side of you is history

That wave has gone again, it's over, it's over
That wave is far away, goodbye, goodbye

and than the sun comes, it's beaming down
You're feeling better, you're off the ground

Prepare For Rain
and realize you're gonna feel pain
Prepare For Rain
Sometimes things can't be the same

You're gonna smile and you might cry
Some days you're alive other days you wanna die
Plan for the mood of gloomy gray
and when the times come you can seize the day

It's difficult to follow along
You step on a crack and lose the song
and then something shines up ahead
Reach for it and we'll get out of this dread


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billwhite51's picture

this is rocking good fun with great lyrics that run with a good idea, taking it to the max. ;ove the vocals and guitars too. cool ending.

kahlo2013's picture

Love how this starts with the well time heavy kick drum and awesome guitar riff and then it keeps getting better! Great melody and emotive vocals deliver the fantastic lyrics so well. Great message! This really rocks! That guitar solo soars. Awesome song! I play drums in a band and love heavy kick beats and toms. Your drums make me happy in this song!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool song and demo. Loving the rocking vibes, your voice and playing. Amazing work. Every instrument has such interesting music to play!

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...currently I am in a good time which is quite a change for me over the past few years (rest of details skipped). I'm gonna make it good this time...strong positive message. The rain weakens us and simulates crying....I think. In a bad time now...description of real life...the logical side of you is history...very strong message here. Goodbye Goodbye...very positive attitude. Nice morph with the sun and human emotions. Strong warning about bad times next. Prepare and seize the day...awesome. The last section delivers the answer. Kurtis, you are more than just a great guitar player and write great lyrics too and this is a perfect example. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. kicking in...cymbals and riffs...vocals now...sounds good....can clearly understand the lyrics....rockin' sound...good melody....gonna be fine....then the rain's pouring down...your feeling weaker...good rock music...vocals are's over...goodbye...echo...then the sun comes it's beaming down....prepare for rain...sometimes things can be.....moves along nicely....lose the sun...sign up ahead....break now..nice toms...and guitar slides...chopping rhythm...solo now...sounds the drums...toms...outro now...that is so cool. You rock dude.

This was a really cool listen! The guitar parts are excellent as always - the intro is very memorable, the solo at the end hits really powerfully, and I also really like the part that plays behind "and than the rain comes, it's pouring down / You're feeling weaker, you're on the ground". I love the lyrics' progression through the good days and the bad days, and ultimately coming to the decision to accept that both are going to happen, and to keep up hope in the bad times. All-around fantastic work!

Susan Cantey's picture

Universal theme. Love the fuzzy guitars. Yummy harmonies in the vocal. Rock on!