I Am Sold

I Am Sold

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Liner Notes: 

I (toms) did a music track and Amanda put fab vox on it. I have horrible ear problems so this mix is probably really bad, but you people are kind and etc. Smile

Tom is amazing. That is all. <3 -Adnama17


I’m a burden to most and a glory to none
Don’t care what you think, gonna have my fun

Don’t call me Judas, he was such a schmuck
30 piece of silver didn’t bring him luck

Everything that glitters isn’t always gold
30 pieces of nonsense and I am sold

I’m more broken than working, what’s your fucking point?
It’s the way I am, sorry to disappoint

I could tell you all about good Dr. Faust
Knowing isn’t all, it’s better to doubt

You say we should want a little this and that
Get a life, get a job, that’s where it’s at

Mr. Johnson had a most worthy goal
Blues and RocknRoll saved my mortal soul

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A nice, loud, rocking mix... I like the retro feel to the vox (verb on it?) This has a cool post punk feel to it in the rhythm and chord progression. Ooh, harmony vox/doubling is cool. Really cool guitars. This is fun, cool and a darn cool listen.

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Glad I stumbled in to listen. I am sold Smile ROCK HANDS!

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great return to the new wave sound. fast,and catchy with an unepected rave up at the end.

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Fantastic rock and roll! Love the guitars on this with the driving rhythm! Awesome lyrics with perfect ending! The vocals are fabulous, I really like the attitude and layering. Perfect collab! Great song!!!

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You have a great rock 'n' roll voice, @Adnama17.
I'm liking the layered guitars here in my earphones.
Really nice catchy and hooky tune you got here, folks!

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Jeepers, this was good! Fantastic guitar work! Great vocal(s)!! You guys really know how to rock. Enjoyed very much.

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Great teamwork! I felt like I was hearing this at a live show, crowd piled up at the stage, Amanda dancing during the instrumental bits. Such energy in the guitars, vocals riding the thermals.
“whatareyouwaitingfor?” <— nice!