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Liner Notes: 

Way over time, 1 hour 45. UGH. I spent the majority of the time on the lyrics, which I really like, but very little time on the music, which I am meh with. Such is the nature of a skirmish though. C'est la vie! And I totally forgot to figure out how to end it when I went to record it, so you got what you got.

And green is my all-time fave color. Smile


If you ask me
Every color has personality
Every color has a mood, has a vibe

If I asked you
You’d have a different answer for each hue
Every person has their own way to describe

To me, red means you’re mad as hell
Blue means sadness is where you dwell
White means you’re clean, kinda boring
Orange, I find you quite annoying

If you’re yellow and quite sunny
I just wanna slap you, Honey
Grey, please just make a decision
Black, enjoy your gloomy vision

I like purple an awful lot
It’s gorgeous, really hits the spot
Helps me to clear my head
But brown means you’re mostly dead

Since you asked me
Green is the best color, it sets me free
And it’s how I know that I’m still alive

It makes me feel
That I’m good just as I am, I’m real
Green helps me to carry on, survive

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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What a clever take on the prompt! I love all the other colors in it too. I had to laugh at the yellow!

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I like the music - drives the song right along. Has a nice alt-folk feel - I dig that kind of stuff.
And excellent lyrics - perceptive and fun. Great tune!

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Yup great take on the prompt! Even the title makes it a bit more exotic, music is good. Really nice skirmish

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Fantastic lyrics which can lead to many different ways for music. I like your music too. I like the idea of different colours and I like green too. Very cool take on skirmish, doesn't matter if it took longer. It's a keeper!

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You could make a very cool video of this one. It has a certain show tune quality without being corny. A really good foundation here.

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"I just wanna slap you, Honey" "But brown means you're mostly dead" LOL! This is a fun lyric, with a dark undertone. I never used to like green - but I've grown to over the past few years - though I don't wear it Smile

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Looking at the lyrics...right from the start the message is clear colors have their own personality. Red is mad blue is sad...yep. that one. Scanning through the rest of the's awesome writing and very well done and worthy of the extra time you spent on that. I'll listen to the audio now but I understand you were out of problem...I'm ready now...hold. Guitar and singing ... sound good...good melody...nice shuffle on the guitar...vocals good...melody good...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice pause...since you asked is the best color and sets me helps me to carry on survive...survive...and out. Very nice. I like it a lot.

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Amazing take on so many colours ! Great original theme for a song. I love original thoughts in music, not enough of it around Smile

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Hey Adnama17, you did an excellent job on your skirmish I like it. Your vocals, music and lyrics sound great.

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Great strong guitar work and vocals.
Yeah, it's true; I think people underestimate the effect of colour on one's mood and personality.
Really good work!