You're Green

You're Green

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Liner Notes: 

I'm trying to do this while listening to two different cartoons at the same time! I love kids Smile


You're Green
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Your eyes are wild
Your nose is flared
If I didn't know you better
I might be scared

Your hands shake
You're pacing too
You can't surprise me
Because I know you

You're green with jealousy
But I never take you seriously
I laugh at your antics
Cause I know how romantic
You really are
You're my star babe

I love the way you sulk
You big green jealous hulk!

You're sensitive
And insecure
You should know now
My love is pure

You're so silly
And I just saw your smile
Don't worry about me
I'm here for the long while

Repeat chorus

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Sort of cutesy observational! Its a nice take on the prompt, made me smile very happy song! Good skirmish

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This is so fun - you always have such a great way with words. Concise and crisp, ready to be sung, with some unexpected twists.
Was one of the cartoons Incredible Hulk? That's a great line!

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Good twist on the story and the prompt. Very original. Nice work.

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lol..Cindy I can see you watching kids while you are trying to's quite a visual although I don't know what you look like. It doesn't matter though I can still see it. My son has a two-year-old and a four-year-old and they don't live in my state so...but he tells me about it all the time. Those kids like my Invaded By Ants

Looking at the lyrics...I had to read through to the chorus because the children in the liner notes distracted me too. Yeah, this person sounds like a creep to me but is not or there would be no "babe". A big jealous hulk sounds like a man for sure. I know these type of guys too. Nice message at the end section to let him know there is nothing to worry about. Great job Cindy, you always deliver...regardless of cartoons and diaper change.

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I expected more songs about jealousy on this prompt, but I think this is the only one ?
Angry men scare me, but I think that's my past experience showing Sad I love the loving aspect to this, it makes for a nice flourish after the semi scary start.

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Awesome! My SO is like this. Drives me insane. He has absolutely no reason to be jealous, but he sure acts like it's the end of the world when he thinks he needs to be green. And a hulk is a perfect way to describe someone like this. Or a snorting, stomping bull, like from Bugs Bunny cartoons. Don't suppose you're watching some old school Bugs Bunny???????????

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Actually I did see Bugs This morning. We have a bunch of dvds

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Hey Cindy, you did an excellent job on your skirmish I like it. Your lyrics sound great.