Green Eyed Woman

Green Eyed Woman

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Liner Notes: 

September 1, 2019 Skirmish "Green"

Update: This demo has been updated to version 2 September 3, 2019

Original skirmish demo:



My Green Eyed Woman

I dream of green
My green eyed woman
I dream of green
My green eyed woman

She really grabbed my heart real fast
She always laughed
Even if my jokes are bad
She won't ever let me be sad
She likes green color money
I got that and she can be my honey
I made it to first base today
Our first kiss was great


Now that we're together
Everything is so much better
I made a woman fall in love
She's my sweetie dove
I'll never hurt or make her sad
I give her all my love so glad
We're going to the beach today
To celebrate our get away

Oh please don't you break my heart
I'm so in love I'd fall apart
My green eyed woman
Everything that I need
Say you'll always be there for me

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coolparadiso's picture

Very complete song for a skirmish. Nice take on the prompt. And a happy love song. All is well in the world. Nice one

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful uplifting song, loving and hopeful. Hope to hear your vocals.

JWHanberry's picture

Good take on the prompt. The spoken bridge is a cool throwback to the 50's. Nice job.

Amanda West's picture

This has a really solid feel to it. It kept me interested throughout, which is no mean feat as I have to 'listen' to almost hundreds of tracks some days Smile

kahlo2013's picture

Sweet lyrics and wonderful 60s feel. I like how the verses and bridge tell the story of falling in love and then the desire for forever love. Loved my listen. Fun surprise tag at the end.

Adnama17's picture

Definite 60s vibe. A bit of innocence to it also with lines like "I made it to first base today."
It also sounds quite summery.
That spoken bridge is aces!
Good stuff!

Rockwrites75's picture

Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has great lyrics and your guitar sounds awesome.

Cicpisces's picture

Nice swinging melody. Sweet lyrics. It came to life from the start. Good work.

phoenixash's picture

This reminds me a bit of Beatles! Great skirmish and I know I have said it, but I love how low your voice is. A great refresher and a good feeling.