Mr. Green

Mr. Green

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Liner Notes: 

Based on a real character! One of the first people I met after we moved to Florida - we taught middle school together for a year.
Then, years later, he achieved local notoriety as the greeter at the main entrance to our local state university. He might still be there.


I knew a guy named Mr. Green
Nicest cat you ever seen
Every morning never late
At his post at the front gate

Waved to folks and said hello
Showed them kindly where to go
Always smiling rain or shine
Said you know you are a friend of mine

He’d been around and paid his due
In the army, a preacher too
Then he taught school but it made him mean
What to do thought Mr. Green

Now he is known for the special care
With which he guides us here to there
This story has a happy end
Mr. Green says you’re my friend

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Good use of the prompt! I like Mr Green Smile i really like the hold back guitar as well. Nice one mate!

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Nice character description/story. Sounds like a great guy! Wonderful tribute! And as always your delivery is wonderful. Love how you play the your stringed instruments!

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Dang, listening to all these songs gives me all kinds of ideas! Who knew Mr. Green was so funky?

musicsongwriter's picture

Very interesting story, descriptions and lovely atmosphere. Fun song to listen to. Beautiful singing, playing, guitar solo. It all works a treat.

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Looking at the lyrics...nice opening verse describes Mr. Green's work habits. V2 shows a good relationship with Mr. Green. The third verse is loaded with information, army, preacher, school teacher, and WFT am I doing attitude. Nice ending verse with Mr. Green saying you are a friend of mine. Nice lyrics Chip. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar...slap guitar....vocals now...great tone of voice...vocals sound good...good guitar groove...can clearly understand the lyrics...guitar riff...sounds blues on guitar...cheerful lyrics...go mr. green...he been around and paid his the army a preacher too...then he taught school but it made him mean....oh mr. green...sounds great Chip. oh Mr. Green...nice guitar outro. Awesome always deliver sir.

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I wonder how many of us had a teacher named Green. Good take on the prompt. The guitar moves this right along and the lyric paints a vivid picture. Good skirmish.

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I love stories and when they are about real people even better! Nice one!

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Love the funky feel to this. This is defo a keeper ! The story is really lovely, and it was even more interesting with your back story in the liner notes - thank you Smile

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I know work makes me mean sometimes too! Wink He sounds like a nice guy! I really like that funky guitar

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I've always been a big fan of your story telling songs. <3
That "Go Mr Green!" that snuck in on me was the best! Smiling big over here. Smile
I can tell nothing phased this guy. He might not have been fast, but he always got to where he was going on time. On time I bet too!
Love the bluesy vibe. Nicely done!

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Hey Chip, you did an excellent job on your skirmish I like it. It has a good title. Your vocals, lyrics and guitar sound great.