Being Green

Being Green

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish (write and post a song in an hour) prompt 'Green' song written and recorded in 15 minutes. I already had the guitar in DADGAD. Kind of a stream of consciousness write. May need edits to fit my musical from electric cars POV idea. Posted because it's a skirmish.


Being Green
Guitar DADGAD tuning open Dsus4: Chords > Dsus4(open) - oooooo; Dadd9add13(A) - oo222o; D4(C/A) - oo555o; Dmaj7add13(B/A) - oo444o; G2(A13) - 555ooo; F#(G#m) - 444000;

[Dsus4(open)] Green
[Dadd9add13(A)] I want to be [Dsus4(open)] green
[D4(C/A)] Running clean
[Dmaj7add13(B/A)] Feeling serene
[Dadd9add13(A)] Making the scene
Being [Dsus4(open)] green

[G2(A13)] Mosquitoes buzz me I got to go
[F#(G#m)] Ants advancing on me but I know
[G2(A13)] Leaves fallin birds callin
[F#(G#m)] Pee oak tree pollen

Repeat chorus

[G2(A13)] Wind blowin August away
[F#(G#m)] Septembers knocking but I want to stay

Repeat chorus

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Sounds like you're recording outdoors!
Cool song - could be about lots of things green. Callin/pollen is a good rhyme. I like this one - organic and natural.

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These are wonderful lyrics. Very poetic and simple yet pack a lot of meaning and address the prompt in different ways. Well done. Cool delivery too.

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Well this one was made for you. Yup it poetic but gets its point across. Good one!

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I knew this was right up your alley Andy. Looking at the lyrics...Strong chorus and straight to the point. Verse one is a surprise with different kinds of pesty insects...I like the visuals...mosquitos, ants, birds, oak trees. Last section a reference to the Fall coming with September. Pretty good Andy. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. wanna be green...oh please...serene...making the same...being guitar...mosquitos buzz me I got to go...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice consistent picking on the guitar. Car traffic in the back...that's a good thing...fade out. Nice job on this Andy. Very moody sound you have...quite unique.

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Very interesting song with your unique style. Very cool take on skirmish.

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Preserving a home for the mosquitoes and ants is all part of it as is the electric car. Stay green my friend.
IMHO could use a bit more vocal in the mix.

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Love the green eco theme here Smile we need more songs singing the praises of being green and making it feel normal and good !
Love the rhythm of this too.

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Nice rhyming in the first section. I too feel serene when I know I've done something green. Interesting how green has morphed into a verb, eh?
I don't want summer to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dig it!

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Especially love that last verse. Great stream of consciousness writing and playing.

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Hey Andy, you did an excellent job on your skirmish I like it. Your vocals and guitar sound great.

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This is a serene song, it fits the theme and song title! The quiet singing and finger picking are soothing. Very good song.