Theater of the absurd (third day of school)

Theater of the absurd (third day of school)

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Liner Notes: 

Yesterday I was offered a gig for this coming Tuesday (Sept 3) as the musical guest at this muisic-and-poetry open mic thing here in Manhattan and the theme of the evening is 'back to school' .. so I thought i'd write something appropriate for that

It's been a while since my old schooldays, but I channeled that feeling of dread fear and excitement and boredom and all, and this is the result..

quick live iPhone recording, no overdubs or anything, just guitar and vocal together..


I dread the first day of school, but it isn’t such a bummer
I see my old friends, discuss how we spent out summer
The promise of possibility, maybe things would change
The difference seemed exciting, the familiar rearranged

The worst is not the second day, it’s actually the third
When in my mind I start repeating certain curse words
Is this the new teacher, are these the new assignments?
Its beginning to feel a lot like confinement

By the end of the week, I know just what is coming
Things that seemed a novelty now just feel numbing
I count the days and hours, minutes and seconds
Feels like an eternity till next summer beckons

There ain’t no use prayin’ at the wailing wall
Feels like its been months, its not even technically fall
Its not the first day that’s bad, it’s the second and the third
Every day a ticket to theater of the absurd

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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LOL - you got it right, Mike. I always wished the 1st day of school was on a Thursday, just so we could ease our way back into that day to day routine. I'm sure there are lots of people who will relate to this.

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Yeah, man. That was my experience to the T - that third day and I was ready to call it all quits. I really dig how you record tunes with your phone. I've got to get to that level at some point.

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It may have been years since your schools days but you nailed this and do a brilliant job capturing that initial novelty followed by the seemingly overwhelming daily grind. Perfect for your open mic theme! I’m sure this will be very well received!

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i like the style of the guitar part in particular. even though i haven't been at school for a long time and term times don't have a huge impact on me practically, i still am excited for the summer holidays and hate that back to school feeling in the air.

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Fun to listen song and very cool take on the challenge, You're inspiring us all to join. Hope to create something after listening to your beautiful work.