'Non Stop Rain'

'Non Stop Rain'

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you @Amanda West for the inspiring title. I didn't have the chance to start creating my music in time as I wasn't at home. I think we all have this situation from time to time when it feels like the rain will never stop...
Please let me know if you are happy to collaborate with me on this song.
Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

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raining piano...harmony kicking in now...soft and dripping...nice lift now...this definitely has patterns and not just something random. Easy to listen to. Maybe somebody could easily sing over this as you have the patterns Nadia. Very nice outro finish. Yeah, I like this...great skirmish.

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if only you could send some - one shower of rain in 5 months! sounds like the rain on my roof - well if it rained! nice one and JC is right its very singable

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Really lovely flow to this. I like how it starts with a one finger melody and builds so beautifully. It conveys both the cleansing or rain as well as a bit of the melancholy of relentless rainfall. Perfect touch on the keys and response to the skirmish.

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This fit my yesterday. I t poured all day.. Your song is pretty and sounds like rain. Great Nadia!

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A lovely soundtrack to a gently raining morning, I can imagine.
Your piano playing here, as it often is, is natural and rolling and expressive - I've come to expect that from you.

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I like the melody as it tumbles around....like the rain. It's got a softness to it and at the same time is persistent and expressive. Lovely skirmish take, Nadia.

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I can almost picture raindrops falling off a roof, and each drop hitting a different chime to create this melody. Very nice, Nadia.

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You always know how to capture a theme, Nadia. It never ceases to impress and inspire me. I will also say that your choice of pictures to use is always a compliment to what you compose. Another fine job, I hear.

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Rain rain go away and come back another day... I often feel like this here in Ireland. The pitter patter feel of this piano piece flows gently with the ebb of flow of the strength of the rain. Very relaxing.