Baby's First Bath

Baby's First Bath

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Liner Notes: 

When I saw the prompt my first thought was of remembering my kids first baths. This is my try.


Baby's First Bath
© 2019 Cindy Prince

My hands are shaky
I'm new at this
It's time my baby
For your first bath

I hold you gently
Lower you in the tub
I put baby soap on you
Then I begin to rub

Sweet baby this is your first
There will be many to come
You tiny hand reaches up
And you suck on your thumb
I think I'll always remember this
My baby, the bath, and bliss

Your eyes open wide
Are you too startled?
Then I wash your hair
In the mildly warm water

I wrap you in a towel
Take in your sweet smell
I think for the most part
Your first bath went well

Repeat chorus

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Very good! I remember how scary the first few times. By the end if the last child just dropped um in! Well not exactly but you know what i mean. Nice skirmish, always clever to bring back memories.

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Thank you Cindy, your lyrics brought back my memories about the first ever bath I was giving to my baby. Exactly that, shaky hands and worrying so much about the baby. Luckily my wonderful mother-in-law was with us and she gave me confidence. I miss her so much! Your lyrics are beautiful.

jcollins's picture

First, I had to laugh when I read the title...very nice. Looking at the lyrics...excellent first two sections...very visual. Very sweet chorus. The last section is filled with more nice visual. Cindy, I knew you were going to kill always do. Very nice skirmish.

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Sweet, and every parent has been there. I remember giving our daughter a bath in the kitchen sink!
Would be a fun song to sing to some folky strumming.

oneslowtyper's picture

Yep, Cindy writes the memories that all of us parents can easily relate to. Same here as with Chip, it's just easier on the back - giving "tubbies" in the kitchen sink, until they get a little older.

mike skliar's picture

nice work!!!

can't relate as much as some (as I'm not a parent) but nice subject and well done!

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Can't says I remember my first bath, but I do remember having so much fun taking them. Plastic toys in the and Mr. Bubbles! Ah yes, Mr. Bubbles! Nice trip down memory lane, Cindy!

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You capture this special moment so well! Beautifully written!

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This is so sweet Cindy - took me back to when my 2 were babies and I bathed them. It was such a beautiful experience. And you really capture that essence of innocence and joy here. Well done.