In The End

In The End

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Liner Notes: 

Sent my daughter these words and a basic melody and she ran with it. That's her singing. Will shoot for a better demo later.


In The End
(C) Deanna Sweidel & Kelsi Cummings

My heart belongs to another

So forgive me if I do offend

There’s no sense in a new beginning

When I know he’ll win out in the end

Every time I think that I’m ready

That my heartache is now on the mend

I remember his sweet loving kisses

And I know he’ll win out in the end

Doesn’t matter how hard that I try

Doesn’t matter that it’s all pretend

All that matters is my heart is true

And he will win out in the end

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Seems lots of talent run in the family! This is just wonderful! So relatable and good!

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Well, your daughter has a lovely voice - I love how she draws out each line. And I love a cappella songs - takes guts to pull one off. Especially one that shows vulnerability like this one. You two say a lot in just a few lines. Nice one!

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Wonderful collab and I hope to hear and see more!