Boss Levels

Boss Levels

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Liner Notes: 

Messing around.
Fingers landed on that bassline.
I liked it.
Added all the other stuff from my chiptune synth.(Chip64)
Had no drum track yet.
Decided to make my own breakbeat kind of thing, haphazardly thrown together and not given enough attention. But I'm tired now, and that was all I felt like programming.
Threw in a ridiculous lead at the end.

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Lots of interesting sounds coming out of my headphones.
Like a jam band made up of robots.
I like the "ridiculous" lead at the end; it works well!

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yeah its pretty hectic - got some real good stuff in there mate!

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Cool synth groove...quirks...drums now...synth groove...wah synth...good melody now...short melody but sweet...moves nicely throughout...lead synth background pause and start again....lead and out. Yeah, I like this one too. Great job on this.