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Liner Notes: 

There's a lot of it about.

Four separate guitar tracks on this one, because guitars. The bass line is NI's "Massive" synth, which I've been neglecting recently. It was grunged up with iZotope's "Trash 2" distortion and then the master mix made even crunchier with Ozone's tape saturation plugin.

I liked the melody on this one, but wanted to push it a bit more - so I went back to it with way, way more guitars and ended up with "Blue Light Special". It's the same, but different.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh, I almost jumped out of my chair when your music started. It's powerful, dynamic, energetic and full of movement. I also like your tags. Brilliant work!

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Hehe, "because guitars" Smile
They're babbling and chanting and grating with boldness and class, spreading their enthusiasm around.
You're just too skillful, I'm jealous - but delighted too.

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Yup, great headphone mix as usual with all the sounds shifting about.
I always think of "noodling" as just pooting out guitar sounds, usually at some speed, to show how great the guitarist thinks he or she is.
This is not "noodling"; your guitar work has class and direction.
This is actually a pretty happy tune to my ears.
Jiggery-pokery in the best sense, like when you get the radio to work again after randomly messing about with the wires in the back.
Great job!

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That bass synth... never heard anything like it that way. Really cool, sets the tone right away. Great basis to build the rest of the guitar parts on. Exciting stuff, reinforced by the those driving drums. This sounds huge.