More Needs Than Weeds

More Needs Than Weeds

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Liner Notes: 

I didn't know what to do to finish this poem, but then the Amazon Rainforest started to burn... started it off with a bit of a psytrance beat and just kept adding.

I tried some fancy new tricks, like.... panning hard left and hard right on different instruments. Changing the gain on some instruments. Ducking (which I am still figuring out but yay) and a flanger that makes one of my vocal tracks sound tipsy or seasick. muahaha.


More Needs Than Weeds
August 24 2019

There are more needs than weeds,
More desires in the world
Than flourishing Queen Anne's Lace,
Or fiddlehead ferns uncurled.
There are more hungry bellies,
More folks without a job,
More homes just sitting empty
when renting is getting robbed,

There are more factory farms,
More parking lots and lawns
More stadiums and subdivisions,
more electronics to pawn,
Than there are now types of iris,
or chestnut trees or elephants,
There aren't as many butterflies,
We fail to see the relevance!

The Rainforest is burning
Lungs of the planet, torched,
And here I am making music
Enjoying summer on my porch,
There are more needs than weeds,
We co-create the defecit,
And 'til desperation hits us,
Won't do anything to lessen it.

There are more reasons to act
More reasons to take a stand,
More reasons for than against,
Protecting our futures and lands.
When everything you love
is gone, gone, gone,
Who's side, tell me, who's side?
who's side will you be on?

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Great political song with a very interesting instrumentation and performance. It really strenghtens the super great lyrics and its impossible to not take in the message.

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I'm liking the hard panning.
Nice headphone music.
The wobbly vocals are appealing.
You know, I often say that the sooner we humans are gone, the better.
Then again, there is nothing we can do as humans that the planet can't recover from.
After all, a giant meteor slammed down 65 million years ago and the Earth got over that, so we won't be much of a challenge.
I really enjoyed your track here.

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this is a belter of a lyric
I really like it
takes you on a journy
and you ended it really well
great vocal
loved the music
everything really top notch