Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone

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Liner Notes: 

Heard earlier today that the Paris movie theater, located in midtown Manhattan for a long long time, has closed, just like many other movie theaters here in NYC- it was the last remaining single-screen movie theater around these parts, I think.

Started thinking about what else is gone, and this song kind of wrote itself.

Recorded using that music memos app, which adds drums, then put into garageband for iPhone for vocal and harmonica overdubs.

Slightly political for that last line, perhaps Smile


The Paris theater is gone
the Zigfeld theater is gone
Lincoln Plaza Cinemas disappeared
the Landmark Sunshine no longer here

gone gone gone

The Edison Cafe is gone
La Rosita is long gone
Carnegie Deli and the Bridge Cafe
and the Moondance Diner have all gone away

gone gone gone

Reading books and dialing phones
Sharpening pencils and rewinding tapes
unfolding a map to get directions
having free and fair elections

Gone Gone Gone

(c) M. Skliar

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This caught my eye because I used the lyric "gone, gone gone" in my enviro-political track just posted, and was like "OH NO, HIVE MIND! YOU DIDN'T!" But no, the hive mind didn't really. Your track is great, edgy, nostalgic and pretty much a aing-along-clap-along-and-tap-your-foot-by-the-campfire-jam all around. I dig it.

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You play such great harmonica and it really shines in the wonderfully nuanced pointed nostalgic song that reminds us of things treasured that are hard to lose - especially those in your last stanza.

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Yeah this really is a great track

what a stunning up beat tune
love that harmonica in there
and the repetition gone gone gone
works so well, great outro

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Your voice is very cool and gives your music a very classical rock vibe touch. Nice rocky feeling and great instrumentation. Lovely harmonica. Impossible to not get the lyrics stuck in your head. Great done.

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Good arrangement. This has a lively bounce to it that maybe undercuts the sadness a bit, but is giving me a glimpse of the "magic" that is missed with so many venues disappearing. And that last line doesn't bother me, but I would like the song better without it. Still, you've written a good one and I think this would be a crowd pleaser if played out in your neck of the woods.

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I love your voice. Great lyrics, catchy melody! Your harmonica is awesome!