already home

already home

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Liner Notes: 

After 50/90 in 2018, the Catalytic Perverters went on a binge of creating new material. We basically just improvised for two hours during every session, sometimes quickly working out more complicated arrangements if we particularly liked an idea. From October to January, we came up with approximately 200 new compositions. As we work our way toward another 25 new songs, we've decided to put the brakes on a bit. So, I am reviewing recordings from the a fore mentioned time period and adding vocals to the ones that merit not being lost in the shuffle. This is one of those songs.

The music for this was an improvisation from November 9th 2018. I wrote the lyrics today, inspired by a discussion on loneliness; specifically a quote that "home is where someone misses you when you are not there."


is where you hang your hat
and someone notices when your not there

these four walls
get so lonely
on my own
dirty and homely
I'd go big
but I'm already...

is where you're the ideal guest
you always will be let in
from the cold

I'd go big
but I'm already home

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good lyric and the Vox is real strong. Nice foot tapping beat!