At Night

At Night

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Liner Notes: 

Nadia posted this organ work before I even new it was international strange music day. I was thrilled however, when she gave me the okie dokie to add some bass tones.



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The depth and tone of the bass further add to the haunting spooky strangeness of Nadia’s music. This fils it out Beverly and really creates a chilling compelling instrumental.

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That was pretty spooky. Perfect for any haunted house or Halloween party.

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the spookiness in this is really exhilarating for me as it conveys not only the darkness but something kind of dawning. It's awesome.

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Ooh, so ominous...very's like I'm approaching a haunted house or cemetery and things are flying around getting closer and further away. Cool!

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I was listening with my eyes closed - like the soundtrack to a dream! And not necessarily a scary one, either. This wonderful piece of music is certainly spooky, but beautiful, too. Inspired collab!