For Diane (never got the chance to say goodbye)

For Diane (never got the chance to say goodbye)

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Liner Notes: 

I wasn't planning on writing this, or anything, today, but last night I recieved the sad news that a good friend of a friend of mine had died after a bout with cancer. Diane and I had both hung out alot with the same group of friends back about 30 years ago, and she was a really wonderful person- I wish, of course, that I had kept more in touch with her over the years, and wish I had known what was happening... but it is what it is. Here's an attempt, I guess, in processing some of this.


They never even told me you were sick
and now it seems the gods have played another trick
how could you be gone, nothing left but dates and a name
and memories that slowly wash away in the rain

i can't remember all those long ago good times
hanging all hours and dancing right up to the lines
i always thought in years to come we'd share more laughs
about Halloween parties and hanging with the local riffraff

I never got the chance to say one last goodbye
to look into your face curse the heavens and wonder why
they only take good folks, the bad people seem to hang on
i only found out the whole thing after you were gone

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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I am very sorry for your loss. That's tough to hear it that way. This is very thoughtful and sad.

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What a nice tribute! Too often it seems it happens that way - hearing about it after they are gone. So sorry for your loss.

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very good Mike i hope its therapeutic! I really like the song!

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This is a gorgeous tribute that tugs on the heart. Your guitar is beautiful and your gentle vocals on this convey heartfelt emotion, perfectly delivering the lyrics. I’m sorry that Diane lost her life prematurely. I’m sorry too that you did not have the chance to say goodbye.

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This is really nice, Mike. The simplicity of it all is why it tugs at your heart so much. And I'm sure Diane has heard this final goodbye from you.

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I'm sorry for you loss and that you didn't get to say goodbye, Mike. This is a beautiful tribute and I hope it brought you some cartharsis.

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I feel like I got a glimpse into Diane and your friendship. Really beautiful song and I love your natural, conversational vocal on this. My heartfelt condolences.