Why Do Moments Pass?

Why Do Moments Pass?

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Liner Notes: 

Closest thing I can do to a love song right now. Tried to make it sound as warm and intimate as possible with the sparse arrangement, gooey keyboards, and breathy pushed-up-to-the-pop-filter vocal. Very Alex Turner/Elliott Smith inspired. Tried to blend the vocal into the guitar on the first verse but as the song goes on, I get too emotional to keep doing that. :P


Verse 1:
Are you getting high
And lonely?
Thunder storms all night
Drive slowly

Self medication's the best way
To fix things sometimes

Singing in your car
Through static
Spilling secret songs
In traffic

I can't be your therapist
But I can be there when you need me to be

Bright highway lights
Shine in your eyes
Not sure if I want to see the sunrise

But if it's with you
I guess it's alright, then
Wave goodbye, say good night

Verse 2:
Why do moments pass?
I hate it
I wanna live this one
In excess

Things might be fine
But if they fall apart, I wanna stop time

You say that we're sixteen
Or younger
We won't age a day
All summer

But summer takes an instant
The clock is broken and I can't fix it

Take up my time
More everyday
Your pallette is perfect when autumn turns gray

And when I'm with you
I feel so much better
And the sun starts to fade


Verse 3:
When it's said and done
It's worth it
Hope you're happy too
You've earned it

One day we'll die
But for now, let's let time pass us by

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Lovely chord progression! I like how you create dynamics with the sparse means of just vocals and guitars - that's how emotional intensity is created. The keys are a nice final touch.

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it is like an elliot smith song, with a touch of bright eyes when you get more emotional. i like the way the melodies weave their way through the chord progression.

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Some surprising chords here - for me they add a wooziness to the warmth. I'm hearing a similarity to Elvis Costello in the vocals, especially on the chorus. Love those backing vocals singing an octave higher. And that very Elliot Smith keyboard solo!

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Sure is Elliot style - and thats a good thing Rearly well done! Music moves so freely! lovely melodies