Remembering Reality

Remembering Reality

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Liner Notes: 

Incidental music for Electric Catnip (Season 1)

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the more i hear, the more i tend to think that electric catnip would be worth checking out for the music alone.

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I was girding my loins and turning down the volume in preparation for a (pleasant) sonic assault--but you delivered this lovely mood enhancer. Really, I feel somehow happier than I did a minute ago. It is catnip...for humans

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Yowza, great headphone music for sure.
You've done so much with so little here.
This really sounds great.
I coulda listened to this for another couple of minutes!

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Sounds like an aha moment. A moment of clarity. The light bulb finally clicking on. Your telling quite a story with just the music. Can't wait to experience the whole thing!