How do we know

How do we know

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26 How do we know (collab) - 50/90 2019


Liner Notes: 

My musicating of @Amanda West's lyrics, thanks! We were paired in the round 2 random collab.


How do we know who we are in this world
Where should we be if not here
What am I now if not who I was
I'm struggling to get all this clear
I'm struggling to get all this clear

I can see a light in the distance
Hidden in the gloom
The hope that is there
Should be waiting still for me
I'm not immune


I have wandered everywhere looking out
For a clue to life
Nothing yet has come
As I scan this earthly place
No paradise


When I find that thing I'm always looking for
Will I be happy and content
When I find the answers to what it is I seek
Will I know what is meant
Will I know what is meant


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An impressively pensive lyric and a wonderful musical treatment that is very sing-a-long-able. Really nice collab, you two!

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Tina, you have taken this lyric and made it your own. I especialy like the twist you give to the repeated line on the chorus.

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Beautiful song and collaboration. Strong lyrics, music and delivery. I feel the power and the soul in your singing and playing. Very cool work!

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Solid tune and accompaniment for the thoughtful lyrics. Nice collab!

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Nice song. Sweet melody had me swaying along. Questioning lyrics work well. Job well done.