Cinderella's Ash

Cinderella's Ash

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Liner Notes: 

This song is a great example of marrying partly pre-recorded music (a work in progress) and new lyrics together via email. The music was already partly recorded under a working title of "There's Always Tomorrow" and @kc5 transformed it with her lyrics and melody which was very reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac so I tried to infuse that vibe into the finished product.

Very proud of this... The MAC is strong in this one Smile

KC here: I've had so much fun writing to Corey's music. He gives such wonderful material to inspire lyrics and melody! In this one, I kind of got lost near the end and Corey saved me by moving a few things around. The flow is so much better and Corey definitely infused the right vibe!


Written to "There's Always Tomorrow"

Cinderella’s Ash
Lyrics by Kc Chad © 2019

v 1.
You got me walking on my knees
Flashing wads of cash for your diamond ring
You treat me like the rag you pass through the drain

You lead me on and say you want me for me
And I’m so enamored I fall at your feet
I’m always fearing you’re going to sweep me away
Sweep me away

Like Cinderella’s ash, Cinderella’s ash
Swept across the floor, flat upon my back
Oh, my Cinderella

v 2.
You walk like a raindrop trickles down your spine
A swag in your hips and your head held high
You hold men’s stares with sedu---ctive eyes
With only wink and flash of a smile
Like wolves in a pack, they’ll track you miles
How’s a guy to manage, how’s a guy to vie?
I pant like a dog to keep you satisfied
Cause you blow men away
Blow men away

Like Cinderella’s ash, Cinderella’s ash
Swept across the floor, flat upon my back
Oh, my Cinderella

Been working for your palace, your fairy land
Set aside some cash for the things you’ve planned
Waiting for the day you take me as your man

You trapped me captive
in your tin
Swept me up.
Sweep, sweep, sweep
Step, step, step
don’t crush me
walk on glass
Oh, my queen
Clock strike
Call me cra---zy!

Someone hit my head, knock some sense in me
What will it be in ten more years?
Cancel out the looks and all that remains
Are gimme, gimme, gimme and grief for me

Time shows
Ooooh oooh oooh
Wind blows
Not soooo
Beau-ti ful
Looks blow away, looks blow away

Like Cinderella’s ash, Cinderella’s ash
Swept across the floor, flat upon my back
Oh, my Cinderella
Oh, my Cinderella

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Good to hear you Corey and you should be proud of this! Very Fleetwood Mac for sure. This is just a reminder how many talented people we have here. Fabulous!

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oh yes - I have no smart critiques on this!. Just a darned good song. I like everything about this one!

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Who doesn't like the MAC sound? I clicked this just for that tag. Yeah, you captured the sound very well. Very cool.I like the lyrics. The Cinderella theme turned on its head. That's a great idea. Really well executed.

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You walk like a raindrop trickles down your spine
Wow, what a write, some great descriptors and great storytelling that is very relevant to the story, but updated. Love the hook, that brought me in and yes, can hear a Fleetwood Mac feel to the melody, great vocal and track, all around great collab and song!!

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youve got the mac beat down pat. lyrics are a perfect fit for the melodies.

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Awesome lyrics - what a story - with an Eagles sound. I feel like I’m listening to this on the radio. Really pro!

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Excellent work, I could not tear myself away; there was something interesting coming up all the time. A nice, smooth, cozy sound, too.

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Excellent! The music and vocals are enough to keep you content for the whole 5 minutes, and wanting more. And for a lyricist, the icing on the cake is to be able to follow along and be taken in by the story. A great match of lyrics and melody, awesome collab.