Saturday Night Strange Music

Saturday Night Strange Music

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Liner Notes: 

Finished it! Started out with the idea of doing something in a whole tone scale, this has elements of that, but I'm hoping Patrick will recognize the Devo influence. Smile Headphone mix my deepest apologies!!!


Saturday night
Taking a walk
Feels so good
Saturday night

Up on the roof
Careful! You'll fall
See all the stars
Up on the roof

You know the chords
You know the tune
Come sing with me
Saturday night.

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I don’t know the whole tone scale, but those intervals!! Very much outside the usual frame of reference, and I could imagine tricky to pre-hear them enough to sing them accurately. All of which makes this a song that I am determined to learn to sing along with! I really enjoyed your delivery, and the lyrics are a delight! I could use some of that spirit lately.

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Strange things happen in a garage on an International Strange Music Day Saturday night Smile

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Strange, busy, energetic and rocking song. Cool take on the challenge.

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This is great. It would work as a standard post-punk song, but the whole tone experimentation has taken this to whole other place.

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This is so fun. So full of energy. Love the whole vibe of it! The whole tone scale gives it a different melodic structure that is different and very cool with those vocal leaps and that rockin main riff.

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I love it - what a cracking riff! Definitely has that Devo feel to it, but maybe with George Harrison guitar embellishments every now and again...

Vocals are suitably strange; the fact that the singer presents the song as familiar just highlights its weirdness. Bravo - this was fun. Let's do International Strange Music Day again next year!

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it does have a devo feel to it, but there is more substance inside it. i like the repeated lines within the verses, as well as the falsetto lift at the ends of each line. the guitar breaks between the verses are splendid.

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Yup, a definite post-punk feel goin' on here.
I'm loving your vocals.
Headphone mixes are the only way to go.
I'm thinking more Gang Of Four than Devo, but maybe Gang Of Four if hey had more of a sense of humour and more guitar solos.
Yup, really nicely done!

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What a strange man you are sometimes. Wouldn't have you any other way though.
Those music theory thingys you're doing are fancy! Yes music theory thingys is the correct technical term.
I half expected you to howl at the moon during the 2nd verse. Next time!

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I agree with everybody above. Sounds great, fresh and innovative. And there is just the right amount of strange in the music. I like how the core elements of music, the chords, and melody, are strange instead of just using effects. Good choice to go with the whole tone instead of the more "predictably strange" chromaticism. Those yodeling vocals are really fun.