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Liner Notes: 


host corinne54
prompt unseen

A fun excuse for nonsense.

Guitar: '94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster
Amp:' 78 Marshall Mk II
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour or so to write and record



The Queen
Showin' on a green screen

One word
Lappin' up the stirred curds

Feelin' trapped and kidnapped

A scene wrapped up in visqueen

©2019 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Good skirmish mate. Good entertainment. Don't mind a bit of nonsense often makes sense anyway. Nice.

phoenixash's picture

Great groove, the low (I'm confused, is it a synth or a guitar?) sounds incredible and the lyrics complete the dark mood perfectly.

Chip Withrow's picture

So fun - intensely wacky! In a modern-day Wizard of Oz, this would be playing when the wizard is exposed.
"Fun Excuse for Nonsense" (from your liner notes) is a good song title.

kahlo2013's picture

This is great! Love the driving m beat and the big bottom foundation. Great instrumentation and strong vocals. Quirky and fun lyrics. Unique and successful!

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...and song tag...hehe...nice rhymes! Second section a play with unheard rhymes,..nice. The third section is the untapped rhyme play...nice. I had to look up visqueen...some kind of plastic wrapping...lol. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Cool...beat now...guitars...sounds good...vocals now...unseen....unclean....unseen....on the green screen....some kind of sweep and cowbell...love the guitar...break now....4 on the floor kick drum...sweep...drums...untapped...unwrapped...kidnapped...feeling trapped...kidnapped...cowbell I think...fade out. Awesome music...I'm surprised and impressed. The vocals are really strong on this. The music, what can I say...it is outstanding. Great skirmish...this is one of my favorites for sure. It's been a good skirmish for everybody. Nice job on this.

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nice skirmish, fun listen, i like the progression and it suits the called out rhymes

pokerowan's picture

I love a good electronic arrangement, and this is a GREAT one. What a groove!!!