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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish August 25, 2019 "Unseen"



Everybody I know
Where did you go?
What happen to the show?
Why wasn't I told?

I was hoping that we could talk
I didn't expect you to go into shock
I simply needed to let you know
I'm not going to be around for the big show
I've been thinking about this thing
I noticed you disappeared and been unseen
I can't live like this
I think this needs to be our last kiss


I know you like hanging with your friends
But it seems to me you got loose ends
I keep looking but cannot find
I ask you for a little help and you have no time
You talk about having your ring
You can't stand to hear me sing
I tried to find you but you pulled some strings
You have disappeared again and are unseen


I hate to see this going down
We don't smile we simply frown
Our whole relationship is a messed up thing
I tried to find you and you’re unseen
Let's not talk about wedding rings

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On the deeper side. Its a really good song and in skirmish time well done.

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Wow, this is so cool! Your song can be understood in so many levels including some lines being related to losing people on 50/90 as many disappeared. I like the like-hearted feel in your song. Very catchy song. Impossible not to want to tap along/sing along/dance along. Cool solo! Amazing it's a skirmish song.
Nadia ~

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Cool music and refreshingly different. Good skirmish!

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A big story and the angsty vibe fits the lyrics. Well done on the skirmish!

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has excellent lyrics, awesome opening and guitar solo.

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Cool double take on "unseen". It keeps us wondering who's unseen next. Lots of music for a skirmish. Good job.

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Groovy, groovy song! I love jangly folk rock like this - Tom Petty, Jayhawks, etc.
Excellent, pointed lyrics. I dig the echo on the vocal, the unique bridge, and those super cool guitar sounds (electric and acoustic). You nailed this one!

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Good to see that you reached fifty and didn't stop. Love the playing and the solo. The story is intriguing as I can't really tell who are you talking about.

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Really well conceived and crafted as it conveys the natural end of a relationship where one person drifts away and the other person is left having to make a decision. The story evolves with a honest dose of reality. I love the repetitive use of unseen in the chorus. That is really effective. Great music, melody and fine vocals deliver the message well.

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wow you got so much done for a skirmish. strong song great arrangement and performance. nice storytelling too. great skirmishing.

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"I think this needs to be our last kiss" and "Let's not talk about wedding rings" are BRUTAL lines. So very very good. I love the solo at the start, too, and I can so picture playing this in a convertible that's roaring down a roman road on a sunny afternoon! This song is heated and very enjoyable!

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This seems to dig deeper into a relationship more than just being "unseen" and it's sad as there's a lot of unanswered questions this person has. I enjoyed the melody and playing and the solo too. Adds some reflection. I see it's a skirmish...cool title and interpretation and the production is well done.