The Unseen

The Unseen

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Liner Notes: 

Not exactly what I wanted, but oh well!


The Unseen
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Some never notice
Some say they aren't real
But I have seen them
And they give me a chill

Some think it's silly
Some say baloney
But if you've known them
You know they aren't phony

The unseen
The dead
Play with your head
The unseen
The spooks
They will make you
Shake in your boots

Have you felt a touch with no one there?
Have you had no reason to be scared?
The ghosts love to catch you unaware

Some will never believe
Some it might rankle
Don't visit a grave
They might grab you by the ankle!

Repeat chorus

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coolparadiso's picture

Nice take on the prompt a bit serious t h en a funny twist. I like that.

Amanda West's picture

What a fun song, but with an element of reality and fear built in, just enough to give a chill....

musicsongwriter's picture

Very interesting, complex lyrics with emotions, fears, thoughts about unseen. Very cool take on skirmish Cindy.

JWHanberry's picture

Great take on the prompt, whether it's what you wanted or not. Ghosts are like that!

jcollins's picture

Hi Cindy, always good to see you in action!

Looking at the lyrics...oh wow, the first ghost story I've seen so far...nice. Nice chorus and fun Halloween song. I have my 60s music channel on TV right now and they are playing that song "Spooky" as I read your Yes, your chorus is a nice play with spirits and the dead...well done. Bridge now...have you felt one touch you? The ghosts love to catch you unaware. The last section is a crack up too...they might grab you by the ankle! Great job on this Cindy, I like it a lot. Smile

corinne54's picture

What delightful lyrics! rankle/ankle. phony/baloney. Brilliant! Smile

Chip Withrow's picture

Reminds me Halloween is not that far away! Fun rhyming. Good one!

pokerowan's picture

Great imagery here, what a wonderful spin on the prompt. Ghost skirmish! I love it.