Making the Unscene

Making the Unscene

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Liner Notes: 

Almost got this one finished in an hour! And I even took 20 minutes to go pick up my daughter from work.


Home all alone - don’t feel bad for me
Home all alone – how I want it to be
Here on the back porch in the moonlight
Party downtown but I’m making the unscene tonight

One bottle of wine properly chilled
One single glass – to me it’s half-filled
Me and myself – and that’s sure all right
I used to be cool but I’m making the unscene tonight

I turned down an invite to an evening soiree
And a gallery opening and an avant garde play
I got friends in those circles, but what does it mean?
To be 50 and chasing a society scene?

Home all alone – to me a godsend
Wife and my daughter on a girls’ weekend
Later I’ll miss them, right now it’s all right
Party of one – making the unscene tonight

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Wow, this is such a gorgeous take on a skirmish prompt. Lyrics, gentle, thoughtful and so wonderful to listen to. I love your singing and playing. Your song is personal but it appeals to many.

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Nice chord progression on this and very relatable sentiment. Sometimes there is nothing better than time with our own thoughts and feelings. I like how you convey that here with specificity within the images.

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yep I made the unscene last night. And I'll do it again.

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It's great to be fine with your own company. I love everything about this and it made me smile!

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Very different slant on the prompt. Nice easy music to listen to! Sounds a great time

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Woohoo I live in the unscene, and now I actually feel cool doing it Smile I really like how you switched around the theme, very clever Smile I especially like the line where you slowed down over all those nasty chemicals.

JWHanberry's picture

Cool using a homonym of the prompt. Sounds like a good situation for a fine country tune. Nice job.

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...v1 features a party downtown but you're unseen tonight...nice. use to be cool...the unseen tonight...nice. I had to look up soiree (A formal evening party.)...chasing a social scene..nice. Part of one making the unseen...nice. You have the wife and daughter covered Great lyrics Chip. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro....vocals now...clear and bright...can clearly understand the downtown...but I'm making the unseen tonight...guitar bottle of wine...I use to be cool but I'm making the unseen tonight...bridge turns down an invite....I got friends in those circles....what does it mean to be 50 and chasing a society scene...wife and my daughter on a girls of one...making me unseen tonight...I'm making the unseen tonight. Great song Chip! I like everything about this...very nice.

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What a clever take on the prompt! Wonderful lyrics and cool accompaniment

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nice twist on the prompt, i too am on the unscene party for one trip. i like your delivery just perfect sitting on the porch with your (properly chilled) glass of wine. Nice skirmish

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THE UNSCENE. That's a bit bloody clever and I just adore it. I love that real classic country melody too - all of this is so peaceful and weary at the same time. Feels relaxing. Like a cold drink at the end of a long work day.