Something Unseen

Something Unseen

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish (write a song, post in an hour and comment on others) to the prompt 'Unseen'. Voice shot and fingers tired from three hour gig yesterday. Tired from yrd work earlier today. The lyric kinda spilled out. Not sure about the music. May edit later.


Something Unseen
Guitar tuned down a fourth BEADF#B

[E4(A4)] Electricity is a [E2(A2)] mys [E(A)] tery
[E4(A4)] Flows between sockets [E2(A2)] glowing [E(A)] charge light
[C(F)] Can run my motor in a [G(C)] closed garage all [B(E)] night
[E4(A4)] No problem for [E2(A2)] the humans [E(A)] to breathe
[E4(A4)] My [E2(A2)] something [E(A)] unseen

Verse 1 [Bm(Em)] [Bmadd9(Emadd9)] vamp
Gas cars farting carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ultrafine particles, hydrocarbons, (formaldehyde?), volatile organic coumpounds
Don’t dare do that in a closed garage
Big problem for the humans to get sick or die they can’t breathe
[E4(A4)] The gas car belching [E2(A2)] something [E(A)] unseen

Repeat chorus

Verse 2 [Bm(Em)] [Bmadd9(Emadd9)] vamp
They have freedom of choice and most days I just don’t understand
Why they’re stuck in the rut spinning their tires in an oil slick
Nothing new I suppose from poisoning the well to smokestacks to coal mines to burning down the house
Why do they keep using something that makes them sick

Repeat chorus
[E4(A4)] No problem for [E2(A2)] the humans [E(A)] to breathe
[E4(A4)] My [E2(A2)] something [E(A)] unseen

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Science, environmental, and sociopolitical lesson all disguised in one song! Well conceived and written!

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A lot of truth and so cleverly. I could never have gotten all of this in one song!

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You are so very right about the unseen horror of petrol cars, and the rest of humanity's so called wonderful world ! Excellent image (or not) of cars spewing out unseen gases, so dangerous.

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I can't remember another song that uses the term "volatile organic coumpounds". Good take on the unseen stuff we spew.

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Looking at the lyrics...electricity is still a mystery to me. Very nice chorus all the way through. The twist is in the unseen line...the humans to breath my something unseen. v1 has a string of words I could never say or even imagine. Yes, verse 1 is pretty heavy but the last line again...the gas car belching something unseen. v2 features a nice visual spinning their tires in an oil slick. A lot of other good visuals but the question why is the key here. Yeah, pretty good Andy. The whole song is loaded with good visuals. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar and vocals...gas cars farting...can clearly understand the lyrics and message...sick or die...can't breathe...electricity is a mystery...unusual chords but pretty much what I expect from you. Stuck in a rut...oil slick...smokestacks...coal mines... burning down the a closed garage...unseen. Great job on this Andy. A strong message and very good writing. Unique performance as well.

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So many unseen things have a presence and a power - for good or bad. We know they're there, even if we can't see them. Great take on the skirmish prompt!

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Interesting, unusual, compelling and starkly pretty guitar playing - nice backdrop for the tumble of lyrics.
My skirmish songs tend to be straightforward folk/rock/country. Good for you for doing something strange and wonderful and melodic.

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nice concept for the prompt. some really nice lines and the message comes through loud and strong.

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I love environmental takes on prompts. To fit this much into a skirmish is very neat indeed, good shot fam ☺☺