'Where Is My Magic Door?'

'Where Is My Magic Door?'

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Liner Notes: 

The theme for Sunday skirmish (a song or an instrumental created and recorded within an hour) was "Unseen". This gave me an idea for my title "Where is my magic door?" I can imagine a scene from a fairy tale where a woman or a man or a child is looking for a magic door walking through a magic forest and then she finds the magic door. Will this door help her find happiness or will she be lost there? Is it a happy end or not? Music is always open to suggestions and interpretations. Thank you for listening. Please let me know if you hear words/happy to collaborate with me.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is magnificent! I can just see children finding a magic door. Good one!

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Whoa! Love this! This creates a sense of fairy tale mystery and magic for sure! Really well done.

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A few years ago my daughter and I read the Narnia book series together - lots of magic doors there! And Secret Garden is one of my favorite books/musicals. I can imagine this lovely, haunting piece as a soundtrack to either of them. Really interesting piano/organ/harpsichord/synth hybrid sound you have here. Nice one!

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Great idea! Could almost be a whole series! Love secret doors, secret rooms.

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Sounds like a theme for some magical fairytale film Smile Really sweet and gentle, love it.

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A definite feeling of searching from the music. Well done on the skirmish!

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I like the split sound with the organ and bell like tones. The organ contributes to the somewhat dark but not dangerous mood. Much like wandering in a forest at dusk. And...another great picture to go with it.

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Hi Nadia, I like the concept of looking for my magic door. Good idea! I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Sounds like magic tones...circus...nice full sound...bouncing music...sounds really good...has good patterns...probably work well with a vocalist...this music has the patterns and not just random. Big church sounds now...nice playing...ok, the tune is over...that was awesome. Your sound is really good. Great job on this!

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What a lovely take on the title. Your music conveys the possibility of the magic door being a good - or bad experience! You're so creative, Nadia. Well done

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there is something misty yet purposeful in the sound. quite a big bold sound. i imagine quite a dark forest with vines and brambles to be negotiated rather than a calm quest for the search for the magic door. nice skirmishing

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Nadia, there's something so heavy and timeless about what you create. I feel like this could have existed in the 70s as the soundtrack to beloved Sunday afternoon kids' telly. The fantasy vibes here are real and I really dig it!

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very nice piece Iove the subtle changes throughout, nice work.